Gale Force Suspension /162 Bugle Lane / Mocksville NC 27028 : 251.583.9748

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$5995 Racer Price

Specs and Dimensions

*Self Graphing Software for analyzing and recording your data

*Shows actual center to center measurement

*4500 lbs of total load

*Electric Motor with built-in brake

*110 volt plug in

*18" of avaliable travel displacement

*69" Tall, 22 1/2" Wide, 17" Deep

*Electric Motor runs on ball bearings allowing for smoother operation and faster jack speeds

‚Äč*Guided by Linear Bearings on 1.5" 1566 Steel  Rods for Smooth Up/Down Operation

Over the years since the inception of the orginial Coilover LoadPro and its theory of how we were to use it. We learned many things to improve the future of our machines. The "Electric" Load Pro machine includes many hours of thought and design for you the racer. It is absolutely the strongest design for deflection on the market as well as its maxmium load cababilties. We are excited to offer you this new product in 2015!

ALL NEW IN 2015 "Electric" Coilover LoadPro