Gale Force Suspension /162 Bugle Lane / Mocksville NC 27028 : 251.583.9748

DescriptionStage IStage IIStage III
Free Spinning HeadYesYesYes
Self TestingNoNoYes
Store and Save FilesNoYesYes
Digital Measuring SystemNoYesYes

Touch Screen




STAGE I Switch Panel and Control Box

Free Spinning Head

STAGE I "Economy" $3895

STAGE II "Automatic" $5995

Super Auto "Top of the Line" $7995

side unload +$600

STAGE III Touch Screen Panel

Unload System

STAGE II Display Box

Over the years, SInce the inception of the Coilover Load Pro. We have refined the way our machines our designed, built and manufactured for our customers. In 2018, our technology is offered in 3 stages, all can be changed or updated with the electronics and measuring devices. Based on the budget your raceteam has, we hope to offer you with options to fullfill your needs.

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