$1995.00 for the complete system.

Why do I need this tool?

For asphalt late models, over the past decade soft spring, big bar, bumpstop setups have changed the landscape of the way look at our suspension dynamically. With this tool we can now look at the entire front suspension with the use of the Coilover Load Pro and understand our loads at the racetrack.

We now can study our bar preload, bar diameters, bar asymtery with the use of our arms on our cars. We can now take the guessing game out of sway bars for the common racer.

This tool has been on the market for a couple of years and wins races weekly across the country!

Sway Bar Pull System

A new tool created by GaleForce, for the racer to better understand the sway bar system. This method allows you the ability to know your sway bar loads at the shock mount through travel. This is a must have in the shop and trailer for anyone running a sway bar.

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